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Hello there! こんにちは。

I am an imaginator, a thinker, a doer.  I think with my hands.  

For 40 years, one foot has been in California, the other in Japan. 

WHO am I?  I am ME.  I am TERI.  I am tericuts.....and a

bilingual English and Japanese art educator, published cut-paper, Kiri-e & Kirigami author/illustrator, edutainment product creator, public speaker, voiceover actor, children's songwriter, television and stage actor in Japan, creativity and fine motor advocate. 


tericuts, is my ECE field-tested, SCISSOR-based, fine motor enhancing, free-hand cut-paper method. 


What does tericuts do?

Good question. Scissors and paper, take a bow because you fine tune and support children’s basic, fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills, which in turn, develops flexible, problem solving, creative+critical thinking skills. In this one-click, on-screen generation, by empowering kids to use their hands, we can help them flex their brains and awake the imaginative, confident genius inside. Brains need activation. For kids to "think with their hands", it is imperative that we provide a wealth of  tactile experiences. 


tericuts is a useful tool that supports language development and literacy. It includes Alphabet Cuts, which is copyrighted by the Library of Congress, phonics cuts, visual imagery upper and lowercase alphabet songs, essential vocabulary terms and systematic cutting, tearing, folding, and gluing techniques.


SCISSORS are the Superhero of Utensils!   WHY???

Because they require using both hands concurrently, better known as Bilateral Coordination which promotes greater BRAIN ACTIVATION!


2021 Mission:

I have published 10 mixed-media books and edutainment products, been the main actor on 3 kids television programs, and produced 150 Bilingual Family Theater productions in Japan. My goal is not only to publish in the US, but also to create art-based digital platforms for kids.

I love audiences!  To date, I have already presented 1100+ hands-on Professional Development workshops, seminars and programs in Japan, California, China, Hong Kong and South Korea, but hope to expand my network to infinity and beyond!


Things I love:

My daughters, friends, flowers, leaves, frogs, the ocean, dogs, happy colors, scissors, DC/Marvel, Super Heros, Star Wars, the Mandalorian, thought-provoking books, films and music, laughter, poetry, turquoise, gyoza, the scent of shiso, Japanese food. and LIFE itself. 


I believe climate change is a real threat and everyone's responsibility. Inclusion is everything. I believe we can lessen the chaos and anger that exists in our communities and world with patience, empathy, tolerance, respect and our own daily acts of kindness. 


I remain deeply indebted to the children who have impacted my life with unforgettable and unexpected “A HA!” moments, and remain forever appreciative of the parents who have entrusted me with their child's education.